Sunday, February 04, 2007

Da Bears!

I have started my 2nd Wicked & am taking it w/me to a Super Bowl Party Am I CRAZY???? Is anybody else knitting @ the game?


Pixie Purl said...

Half time so I can comment :)
I am also knitting Wicked during the game. I am at home though with sick kids, so had to skip the party (but that means more knitting time!)

Purlygirly said...

I was so tempted to pull out the knitting last night. We hosted a party though and the husbands decreed "no cuddling and no candles" rules in effect. So I figured the knitting would cause a flag too.

Beautiful Wicked though! My yarn for that should arrive this week.

Kate said...

totally knitted at the game - didn't even notice it ended as no one was really screaming or anything - it was kind of a quiet victory - I'm smack in the middle of Chicago & Indianapolis so either team is a good time :)

Knitters Delight said...

I always bring my knitting to SuperBowl parties. It's my own tradition. Since I've already finished my Wicked, it was "The Somewhat Cowl" by Wendy Bernard.


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Susan said...

Knit-Ballers Unite! (knitters who love football)

I knew you guys were out there;)

My knitting was put aside towards the & pointy needles don't mix:(
Glad to see I'm not alone.