Sunday, February 18, 2007


What a nice weekend! I spent some time spinning the HUGE bag of roving from Christmas. I'm getting more relaxed with it and am getting consistent thickness.
Here's a picture of wool I spun up.
I had my second officially spinning class today. It was great. I wish this shop was closer to my house...because it's now my favorite place! They carry a great selection of really nice yarns --- and brands you don't see at every other yarn shop. Stuff like Harrisville and Buffalo Gold (nice yarn, bad name).
The couple that owns the shop are really friendly. We were talking about stash today...they decided to open a shop when their stash room got out of control! I can't imagine having a room dedicated to my stash --- I feel bad about the random 8 skeins I haven't played with yet. I think I'm a monogamous knitter --- one project at a time.
I started my first spinning project with a purpose. I spinning a dreamy purple alpaca that I plan to knit into a pretty lacey shawl.
On Saturday, I was looking 2 beautiful skeins I received from Harriet for the Knitter's Coffee Swap. I've started a simple shawl --- and I couldn't be more tickled with how it's looking. The colors are amazing.

Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments over the last week. It's really cheered me up with the shitty couple of weeks I've had. Sorry that I haven't been able to visit everyone else's blog as frequent as I like --- I'll be visiting soon!

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