Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finished Eiffel!

I haven't been so good about commenting on everyone's posts lately, as my work network has blocked access to this site! I think they think it is p*rn or something....LOL. When I am at home, Blogger hasn't been too cooperative, as we all know, so anyway - everybody's FOs look GREAT and I've been trying to go to the individual blogs to comment instead of commenting here lately.

I finished Eiffel yesterday and I love the end result, although I'm not sure I would use hemp again for a project due to its effect on my hands! It didn't seem too hard to work with, but as time went on with it, it seemed to have a cumulative effect of hurting my hands. Maybe I would use it again, but not with a project incorporating lace into the pattern. I'm not crazy about 100% cotton though either, so it might just be my craziness.

Here's a link to my post on Eiffel yesterday on my blog...

So is there any kind of special prize for finishing both Sexy Knits this time, on time?!?!

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