Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm new to the SKC and I am so excited!!

I am so glad to be in this group!! I have looked at and read most of the postings and the work that everyone has done is awesome. This first picture is the back part of my grandaughters sweater. The first offical "clothing" article I am making lol. The next is a picture of me with blonde hair. I have deep auburn now, but Michael has asked ifI would go blonde again. I said only if you buy me more yarn. So aat the end of the month I will get more yarn!! I am excited to start one of the tops but am not sure if I want to do the Wicked or the Effiel. They both are very pretty.
I am glad to see that there is a blog that is for "sexy" knitters and that the knitted articles are very pretty and tastefully designed. I just hope I can find something that will accomodate big chested women. I have seen other things and they are so gramma looking for like if you were really up their in age. I'm not a spring chicken at 47 but hey sexy is a feeling that comes from inside out! So I would like to make something sexy that is for me. So are there any suggestions? Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this group, I hope to make many friends here.
Cheryl ~ Katy, TX

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Jan said...

I am in that same boat, I'll be 45 in April and I like sexy stuff that doesn't require a divorce for me to wear outside of my home! Besides, sometimes (JMHO) what's sexy looking in your 20's sometimes just looks stupid in your 40's!

I have a 42" bust on a 34" chest on a short frame, so I have troubles fitting clothing whether I knit, sew, or purchase ready made. I am making the Eiffel and using short rows in front with a wrapped stitch (will post if successful).

Anyway, welcome to the group! (My hubby likes my hair natural (blech) gray, while I preffer it auburn.)