Wednesday, February 21, 2007

wicked cozy!

of course, when i had my camera nearby the other night, blogger wouldn't let me do a thing, so i gave up. but this morning, i'm wearing my cozy new wicked. i love it! i wish i'd done even more waist shaping (and i thought i'd done a lot!), but i think it still fits great. i did no decreasing on the arms, (1) because i love big cozy sleeves and (2) because (imho) tapered sleeves do for arms what tapered jeans do for legs and butts--not flattering for most of us! i love the easy faux-cable trim. i knitted it in a very inexpensive winter white acrylic-wool blend that i'd picked up ages ago for a different project, because i just didn't want to spend money for this kal this time around, having splurged a lot on the simple knitted bodice. i'm so happy with my new sweater! i'll try to dig up my camera again and post a photo one of these days :)
lisa b.

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