Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm New

Hi everyone my name is Cheryl and I have been knittnig for quite sometime. Though I did take a 20+ year hiatus and now I am back knitting with a vengence so to speak. I am so glad that I found this blog and the knitted clothing you all have made is just beautiful. I tried to send my intro yesterday and something went wrong so I hope this one goes through.
This picture was taken in May 2005. I have Auburn hair now but Michael likes the blonds and so do I so this Spring back to blonde.

Anyway It is so nice to see "SEXY" little numbers that will make women feel not only sexy but happy that they do not have to knit something that thier moms or grandmother's would wear. I just hope I can find something that I can knit that will look nice on me. Being a big busted girl can have it's drawbacks if you know what I mean .
I really like the Eiffel top and would love to make it in a nice red color like American Beauy that Tilli Tomas has or a similar yarn. I think the Wicked would look smashing in a deep blue black color. Anyway I am not a very fast knitted as I am learning a few things like knitting on DPN's and cable stitches. How does one get started say on working on making the Eiffel top? I need to finish 2 projects on my needles then I can start that one. Well it is so nice to be a part of this group and I hope to make some nice friends along the way. Have an awesome night!

Cheryl ~ Katy, TX


Susan said...

Hello and welcome! This is a great group to join and knit with. I'm also larger chested and found Wicked to work well for my shape. I have pics on my blog.


Knitters Delight

sknittymama said...

Can't wait to see your progress on whatever you choose, Eiffel is it? I agree a rich red would be lovely. . .