Monday, February 19, 2007

Blogger Issues Updated

Well, I've been trying (and trying and trying) to post and for some reason Blogger absolutely positively will NOT let me post! AND to make matters worse, it completely deletes my entire post! AUGH! I have no idea if this post will even make it to the site or not..... fingers crossed!

Anyway... if you don't see posts from me, now you know why! I may need to contact some of you who have helped me in the past to post important info here if I'm unable to get said info into a post myself. VERY frustrating!

Also, I've sent, re-sent, and re-sent again TONS of invitations to those of you who have requested them, however I have not received a single "acceptance" which either means that you're not receiving my invitations or the membership activation link is not working (if and when you get the invitation). Again, VERY frustrating! I just really want you new members to know that I'm TRYING very hard to get you "in" and have not forgotten you or even gotten too busy (for once) to send the invitations out. Our blog just seems to still be having major issues with Blogger and for now I suppose we'll just have to wait patiently until Blogger works out these bugs. I think I've asked this before, but does anybody know how to contact Blogger about this? If so, please let me know!

I also just want to say how beautiful everybody's projects are! I'm beyond impressed with all of you Sexy Knitters! Keep up the great work!


YarnJunkie said...

I wanted to thank you for the invitation and let you know that I got mine this morning and accepted it. If that helps any. :)

Joy said...

thank you for the invitation, my blog is up. i will maybe need some time to figure out if i post here, there...
i also was wondering if i can change the top bar where they already have an image, i'd like to put mine instead.

Joy said...

i searched and searched and cannot seem to find where i add buttons. i want to add a "sexy knitters" button and i just can't... please help.

firedupfairy said...

I got the invitation and was able to join. It took me a few tries though, blogger was being rather sluggish. but i'm in now, THANKS!