Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Quandry

What to do...what to do. I just finished the decreases and the straight 2". This is definately too big. You can see the floppiness under the arm. And there seems to be no need to increase to the hem.
I will think on this a couple of days, but I am seriously considering ripping back to the yoke and redoing it on smaller needles. I got a little wonky on the gauge and have been using #6 needles....guess going back to 5's would be better. Geesh...and I was worried about negative ease in this linen/ over compensated.
Full frontal can be seen here:


JustApril said...

Call it your comfy Pico and do another one later. =)

knitncycle said...

I second that April! I have a comfy poncho (yeah, don't laugh, I actually knit a poncho) that I love to wrap around me on the couch. Wear a camisole underneath and it will likely be fine!