Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm ready to start.

Just wanted to drop a quick post to introduce myself; this is my first knit-along; I'm Shannon and I'm damn proud to call myself a sexy knitter!! I'm so glad I found you guys. Along with being my first KAL, it's also my first garment at all. I've done scarves and hats and even a guitar strap, but no garments. I have knit a sock that I hated, but am taking a sock knitting class to help with that this summer :) .
I've got my Calmer all ready to go. It was in my stash (I love, love love Calmer and found the chiffon at a ridiculously cheap price...something like $5.50 a skein, so I got 10 of them) just waiting for a pattern to jump out at me. Again, thanks guys. I can't wait to get started. I'm working on some felted boxes for a baby gift right now, but I'm ready to put that aside and work on something else. I'm going to print out Fifi for marking up as I go tomorrow and try to cast on. I have a VERY active 3 year old, so time is a precious commodity and I want to give this the proper attention so that I get it right. :)

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Estellika said...

Welcome! I

t seems that the sexy knitters club has been many a ladie's first time... that is; her first time to knit a 'full garment'!

It was the SKC's Picovoli that was my first 'full garment'.

Looking forward to knitting Fifi, (come on yarn, get here!), so glad there are others to turn to for help and to read their written thoughts.