Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Raising the V-neck

I am interested in raising the v-neck in the SKB but I'm not sure how I could that. Would I just add more stitches at the existing increases? If so, how many stitches can I add to the pattern without drastically changing the shape of the neck?

Any advice you can give would be great for this sweater-inexperienced knitter!


Estellika said...

I'd like to know too.

Jeanie said...

I would not add more than one increase at each end, however you could start your increases sooner and do them every other row instead of doing them every 8th row as they have you doing them on the yoke section. If I remember correctly, when knitting Stefanie's "Easy V-neck Raglan", she has you start doing your neck increases at the very beginning of the sweater (it's top down too) and has you increase every other row, so if you can find a pic of that sweater (available on her site at www.Glampyre.com) you can decide if you want a similar neckline and go from there. Good luck!