Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i got my yarn today!

this is lavold silky tweed. wendy has raved about ths yarn and she is so right! this yarn is gorgeous, the color, the texture, the weight it is absolutely gorgeous. if you want to make the marilyns not so shrunken cardigan i'd really urge you to buy this yarn while it's available. i am so glad i decided to use the recommended yarn for this pattern. i never do that! the colors are wonderful and it's at closout prices as i said in a previous entry. $4.49 a skein, you can't leave it at the store for those prices! the colors are a bit hard to see on this site but search around the net for the yarn and you'll find the color swatches are more visable elsewhere but the prices and the availability can't be beat. check it out here!this is color number 14 and it is black with a gray fiber running through it and the slubs are blue and gray and rust. i love it with my new boots too!


Tiffany said...

The pattern I saw online I thought called for something else. I have a ton of this yarn in pink so I guess I could do this KAL. :)

Gina L said...

Are you making SKB or Marilyn's shrunken cardigan with this yarn? I just got some and I am trying to figure out how to make the adjustments for SKG.

Gina L said...

correction SKB. :)