Friday, October 12, 2007

Cast Away (Tree Jacket)

Originally I was really pushing for Juliet to win the vote, but somewhere along the way I found myself falling in love with Tree Jacket. Well, I guess I'm just going to have to knit both now. But knowing the speed I knit at, I'll be lucky if I even finish one as part of the KAL. So in the interest of sanity and managing to do something in the day other than knitting, I have decided to start with Tree Jacket and save Juliet for later in the winter when I'm starting to dream of spring-time short sleeves.

After a couple of recent splurges I'm financially constrained (maternity leave and loss of an income will do that to a gal) so it's Lion Brand Cotton Ease for me. A great recommendation from the Zephyr girls and it is knitting up really nicely. Unfortunately when I spend time knitting each night (as the eyelids start to droop) I seem to keep miscounting by one after about 6-10 rows. Then the next morning I have to spend time ripping out a row or two to correct the mistake. I really need to pay closer attention especially after working on a straight forward but large stockinette stitch pattern for the past few months (I think my brain has gotten lazy).

Absolutely have to treat myself to some of the Zephyr markers though. My little plastics knobs just don't seem to cut it after seeing the cute stash available on Zephyr's website - and what a great stocking stuffer idea for knitting family and friends.

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Paige said...

Great color! I love that blue!