Thursday, January 12, 2006


I finally got my yarn from Knitpicks (Shine in Orchid.) Love it! And I dragged myself away from my socks to cast on the Picovoli. So I'm watching "Lost" and knitting away and I'm using the new interchangable needles that I got for Christmas. Can I just say that these needles SUCK! I should amend that, the needle part is fine (nice and pointy), the part where the needle and the cord connect is a nightmare, and even thought the cord is longer than a standard 16" I still felt like it was too short to work with properly.

I had so many issues with the dumb thing that I ripped out the 5 rows of sweater and plan to go to AC Moore today & buy regular 16" circs. So I'm wondering...was it because I was using the short cord that I was having so many issues? Does anyone else have one of these sets? Do you love it? Hate it? Any imput would be appreciated, thanks!


Sarah said...

What brand were they? I have Denise and swear by them! Depending on the yarn and your tension, it can be a little tricky to get your knitting over the joins sometimes, but you get used to it. Naturally this is harder with the smaller sizes of needle. I'm thinking you didn't get Denise though because I don't think their needles are small enough for Picovoli (one of the reasons I'm not knitting along this time!)

knitnthings said...

They're Boye. I'm thinking that it was a circumfrance problem - to much needle not enough knitting to go around it. With regular circs this isn't such a big issue, but with these apparantley it's a really big deal.