Thursday, January 12, 2006



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Okay, so I'm knitting away on Picovoli, right? Easy pattern, great design, nice smooth yarn, delightful Addi needles. Lovely.

Now I get to the waist decreases. I put my stitch markers in the right place, and my k2togs are looking great. A nice smooth decrease.


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But the SSK on the other side looks wonky. Instead of a straight line where the decreases happen, I have this little stair-step effect. Is this normal? Is there a different decrease that would be straighter? Experienced knitters, give me your advice. I still can't remember which is right- and left-slanting, much less make them match up. Ergh.


JustApril said...

I don't think I've had that happen before. You are just doing slip slip knit the two stitches together, right? Maybe you are twisting them when you knit them together? Are you slipping the stitches as to knit or purl? my email address is - if you want, I can try to help you fig out what's wonky.

Liz said...

I was just complaining about that problem on some socks I made. The k2tog forms a nice straight line and the ssk comes out wonky. I think i've been slipping purlwise and should have been slipping knitwise.

Penny Karma said...

I just really love the adjective "wonky".

JustApril said...

Yes, slipping knitwise it right.
A good rule of thumb is, if you are knitting and you are to slip a stitch it's always slip as to knit unless the pattern says slip purlwise - and the same is true if you are purling and are to slip a stitch, you slip purlwise, unless it says otherwise.

Sarah said...

You can get a smoother ssk if you slip the first stitch knitwise and the second stitch purlwise. has an excellent page on decreases:

YarnB said...

I am just about to start these rows so I am glad to see this! When you knit the two together (I am talking about during the SSK), the pattern says to put the needle into the back. So...I am correct in saying that you slip the two KNITWISE, then you do put the needle in the back and wrap it around?? It seems like it should go in the front I guess...... I am going to go look at the page Sarah just posted. Onward to this step... Lisa

PS The pink yarn you are using is beautiful. What yarn/color is that?