Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yarn Question for Flick


My name is Karen, I have a relativly new knitting blog called In Knitting News. I'm really excited to be a new member of the Sexy Knitter's Club. Knitting is sexy! I'm loving all of the Pico progress and FO pictures.

I've been eyeing Flick from the Sex in the Knitty special issue for ages. I've checked out both Berroco Suede, the reccomended yarn at my LYS and Lion Brand Suede at JoAnn's.

The pattern calls for four balls of Berroco suede, it's held double. At $10.00 a skein that's going to add up quick. I was thinking of trying the pattern in the thicker Lion Brand Suede held single instead of double for less then half the cost of the Berroco.

What do you think?

Should I poney up for the Berroco or go with the Lion Brand?

Have any of you worked with either yarn?

Does anyone have any other yarn subsitutuon suggestions?

The end product is intended to be a fun, little novelty gift for a girlfriend.

Thanks for your time.

Happy knitting!


knitncycle said...

Hey, I've worked with the LB Suede on a crochet hat before. It's actually more like chenille whereas the Berroco looks more like ribbon yarn to me. You might try one skein of LB Suede and knit a bit of the pattern to see how it looks without going whole hog. The yarns are a bit different so I'd test it out before I made a large investment.

veronica said...

I recently subbed lion brand Suede for Berroco suede for the Knitting Tote pattern (from Berroco site). I originally wanted the berroco stuff but it was too pricey no matter where I looked. I second what knitncycle said: Lion brand is a lot more like chenille while the Berroco is like ribbon. I find them both unpleasant to knit with but I really liked my finished product with both yarns. I also really like the shades available with Lion Suede. Also, Lion's gauge is bigger than Berroco's suede. Just my 2 cents!! Good luck and happy knitting!

Karen said...

Thanks for the input. I'm probably going to go with the less expensive Lion Brand Suede. If I were doing an actual garment where guage was key I would go with the Berroco.

I'll be sure to post progress pics.