Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yipeee Skipeee!

I'll be starting Picovoli soon! Feast your eyes on the loveliness!

My little sister used to chant, "Bamboo! Bamboo, bambaboo , bambaboo , bambabooba, bambabooba, bambabooba, BAMBOOEY!!!!!" - all way, 16 miles home, from Clarksville to Avery (Tx), because there were little patches of Bamboo growing here and there between the two towns. Every since I ordered bamboo needles I've been saying it in my head. She was such a funny kid =) Now she has her own kids! so weird

ANYWAY, aren't they purty? hehehehehehe


Tracy said...

Okay you started saying bamboo, and I thought you meant bamboo yarn.
I happened to stumble upon this beautiful fiber today and I fell in LOVE...seriously if you havent seen/touched bamboo yarn yet, you're missing out.
It will knit PERFECTLY for the elann skirt I'm so anxious to make.

JustApril said...

I think I have heard of bamboo yarn, but I've never touched any. Do you have the url to it that you could put in here?

Your kitty is pretty =) Do you have a blog of your own?

Tracy said...

There are a few different brands I've seen. I dont remember what brand it was that I fell in love with.

madil eden is nice

also, southwest trading company makes one, but a woman from the LYS said that it splits quite a bit

Alchemy makes one as well, but its a bit more expensive than the others

Im new to this blogging thing, but it seems pretty neat so far.

JustApril said...

Thanx Tracy! I can't wait to see more bamboo stuff =)

I hope you drop in at my blog sometime! ;P