Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cast on and Making Progress

Hey all! I did a stash search this week and uncovered a FO I had been meaning to frog. Let's just say it was a disaster and I really need a lace knitting tutorial badly. I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Anyway, the yarn I had used was Berroco's Cotton Twist and I thought it might work well for this. So I cast on, checked gauge and have made it to the bust so far. Okay, I know it looks really scrunchy because I cast on with a circular one inch smaller than recommended. I just couldn't find the 22". I can't wait to get to try it on! Gotta run and do some dishes (yuck!) so I can get to knitting. :)


Catherine Kerth said...

love that color!!!!!

Fredi said...

That is a great color. BTW what is an FO?

knitncycle said...

Oh, sorry, FO is finished object. I've been recycling yarn lately from stuff I was given or knit that really didn't suit or just was, well, not good. The color is #8368 seaglass (Berroco cotton twist). I think it'll be nice for spring/summer. Thanks!