Monday, January 02, 2006

I Love The Internet!

Hello Fellow Sexy Knitters...

I don't feel too sexy after a week with the flu and all the food I have eaten the last month! BUT! It is a new year!

I was so excited to post some photos today. I have REALLY been enjoying knitting this pattern. I will admit, I wasn't sure at first. I didn't really get it. But, once I got to the area where I cast off the armholes and could really see how the raglan shaping worked, I was very excited. Here is a photo of the yarn I am using and of my Picovoli up to that point!!

I had no idea how to cast on mid-row (the under the armhole part) and thank goodness for the internet. At first I tried a few cast-on methods and none worked. I spent an entire hour looking through my Vogue knitting book and trying different ones. Everyone left a long string. I was so frustrated. So I went to "" and entered mid-row cast on and I found that I had to turn my work around completely and cast on from the last stitch that I knit. It worked! I just used the knit-on cast on method but from the last stitch I knitted vs trying to do it on the left-hand needle.

Anyhow, how is everyone else doing? I would love also to see photos of how far you are. Now I have to knit the bust rows which is fairly mindless and I love it because I can watch movies and knit during this part without a problem

Happy New Year,


Dawn said...

Ooo, that looks like such a pretty purple, what color is that?

YarnB said...

Dawn, it is the KnitPicks Shine in Violet. Isn't it pretty?? I really like the yarn too!! It knits up very nice and wow, you can't beat the price!