Friday, January 13, 2006

luna swatch

i took the advice of a fellow sexy knitter and swatched the luna on size 5's, i have that size in my denise interchanageable needle set which, by the way, i LOVE. it's so versatile, i can put sleeves on a holder with out taking them off the needle, i can try things on by adding a longer cord and not put the stitches on scrap yarn...any way i swatched on size 5's and no good so i ordered a boye needle has the smaller it on ebay for a much better price than in the store! i just got the needle set last nite and will start asap. but here's my luna swatch, the stitches are, as you all say, wonky but i like the fabric a lot and the colors are so great. it's hectic around here so i have not gotten a lot of knitting done. work is very busy with a new computer system to learn, my marine is home and is scraping wallpaper and painting in his new house so i plan to help out this weekend and tomorrow we're going for a drive to look at a new boxer puppy ( for him not me)but i plan to start this weekend and just wanted to show my swatch and say i love the luna! later gay

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