Sunday, January 15, 2006


I have a question about the pattern that I'm hoping someone can help me with really quick. I just finished the first set of increase rows (work increase round every other round, 10 (12) more times, ending with an even round) and am about to start the second set of increase rows (*work 1 round even, work 2 inc rounds; rep from * 8 (10, 11, 13) times.) and am confused about whether or not I'm really supposed to work two even rows in a row. It seems to be the only place that this is done. Am I mis-reading something? Do you really do two even rows in a row on this part? Help!


grumperina said...


There are two sets of instructions. The first two lines apply only to 28" / 71cm (32" / 81cm) sizes.

And the next four lines are for 36" / 91cm (40" / 101.5cm, 44" / 112cm, 48" / 122cm).

Therefore, if you finished those 10 (12) directions, you are all set for your size.

I really wish there was a blank line included between those two sets of instructions, but the formatting of the pattern is out of my control.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I see it now! Thanks!

Jeanie said...

Why do I always show up as anonmyous??? Grrrr....

Anyway, I see it now Kathy. Thanks!