Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nominations Out

I guess I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the nominations that were overlooked. The list includes so many thick, long-sleeved sweaters and has overlooked some of the most "sexy" spring sweaters. Since the KAL will last a couple of months I was expecting to see more short-sleeved and, well, sexier sweaters. Hey, this is the "Sexy" Knitters Club. What happened to the cute tank by Nikki Adams? I also am disappointed to not see "Sizzle", "Lemonade Sweater" or the "Day Flower Lace". Anyone else feeling like I am?


Chrispy said...

Sizzle could not be chose because it had been done as a KAL

Nikki Adams design did not have any comments on it to second the nomination so it could not move on to the voting round.

the lemonade sweater and the day flower both received no seconds or only one comment.

If you really like something comment on it. that way it can be moved from a nomination to voting status.

I am sorry that you felt this way but they pick the top 20 nominations that were commented on and place them in the line up based on how many comments there were for each one.

Jeanie said...

Chrispy, thanks for answering Mamacita's question. I couldn't have done it better if I tried.

Mamacita, I'll bet the next knit along has some "springier" nominations. Check back in a couple of months.