Friday, August 11, 2006

Tempting II in two needle sizes

I have 2 starts to this beautiful knit. Although my gauge is right for the size 7 needle, I tried it on, and wasn't sure it was going to be fitting right. Yesterday I started again with size 8 needles (on the left) will be either one or the other of these two! It has to be, as I will need the yarn from the reject to finish the other!


Denise said...

My 2 cents--I prefer the look of the one on the right.

dobarah said...

It does look better when they are side by side! If I use that needle, then I will probably end up adding stitches...but I'm afraid I won't have enough yarn (and this is around 10 years old yarn, so it isn't possible to get more)...but I'm up for a challenge!