Friday, August 11, 2006

Tempting II, pink alpaca

Hi all you other sexy knitters!

This is my first post in this KAL, and I really love this concept!

I have started my Tempting II in pink alpaca, 180 m / 50 g. It's very thin yarn, so I have increased a few sizes, and I hope it will work out fine. This is how fra I have come:

(Help! I am not sure if I managed this link thing... otherwise pic in my blog)

Kind regards,


knutsforknitting said...

Love the color of your pink tempting...what is the weight of your alpaca yarn? I have quite a bit of it but it is all fingering so I guess I might need to double it for certain projects...are you finding it to feel scratchy or will you put a undershirt underneeath?

Nina said...

The weight is 180 m / 50 g.

It is really soft, and I will use it as it is. i have found an alpaca I just love! I just hope it will not be too see through.