Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finished with Tempting!

Here it is:
Finished Tempting!

I changed a couple of things, but not much.

1. I spread out the initial neckline decreases over two rounds, and then did another round of decreases (k2, k2tog) to bring the neckline up a bit higher on me.

2. I love the way slipstitched look on edges, so I did that all around the neckband.

3. When I got back around to the join point (where the buckle is in the pattern), I knitted a couple of extra inches, created a little loop with that extra length, and knotted the start of the neckband through the loop.

Can't wait for the next KAL!
Jen --


Rae said...

Beautiful! Really, what a terrific job you did. Congrats.

Marlene said...

It looks fantastic. Love that color!

Heather said...

Even though the higher neckline changes the feel of this pattern so much, I REALLY like the insight you had to do the neck band a little longer and knot it! I love that! Looks great - and great color! Very bold choice!