Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Wicked Deed

This is my first SKC post. :)

wicked 2Wicked has made more progress since I took these pictures, but that's okay. The colors just didn't come through no matter how many different times/ways I took these pictures. Don't worry, you'll be seeing it again. I'm using Cascade 220 "The Heathers" in color 2448. Every time I walked into my LYS I would see this particular color and think "This is so beautiful, I have to do something with it at some point, but what?". Yesterday I had an epiphany while drooling over the hundredth version of Wicked I'd seen. I was thinking to myself "Yeah, but what color would I use? It'd look great in a dark blue..." *ding* (that was the sound of my proverbial light coming on) At that point, I could not get the pattern out of my mind, I knew that I had to have it and the yarn. So, I bought the pattern, picked up the coveted yarn, and cast-on. No, I didn't swatch. In my defense, I have used this yarn several times and actually still have my first gauge swatch, done on size 7 needles. Usually I don't BO my swatches, I'm cheap and will save yarn whenever possible.

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What size did you knit and how many balls did you need?