Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What happens now?

Since this is my first KAL, I'm wondering what happens after finishing our projects? I don't even remember if there was a deadline for finishing. Does SKC do projects throughout the year or is this it?



Knitters Delight


Sherri said...

We nominate and then vote for new KAL several times a year :-)

Jeanie said...

Hi Sherri -- If you're done with your project, congratulations! As far as what to do now... just work on some other projects until we start taking nominations for our next knit along. Yes, there's a deadline (although I can't remember exactly when it is -- I probably mentioned it in a previous post) and I'll post again soon regarding how to enter the prize drawing, etc.

Robin said...

Check out some of the other KALs too - the 2007 list is located at
http://knitalongs.xaviermusketeer.com/. I know, I'm an enabler...

Knitters Delight said...

Perfect! Thanks everyone. I've already started The Somewhat Cowl by Wendy Bernard. Hopefully the next KAL will be after I finish. Plus, I'm going to have to check out the other KALs as Robin suggested. After 2 years working full time and going to school for my Masters full-time, I'm making up for lost time!


Knitters Delight

Dee said...

Robin - Enabler?? I just looked at that list. You are a PUSHER!! Thanks for the link, gonna go get a fix...er..pattern..now. :)

BTW... after looking over the past KALs here, I just bought the SKB pattern and ordered some yarn from Knit Picks. Yay!