Friday, January 19, 2007

Wicked Yardage Question

I have a question maybe the pattern designers for Wicked can answer - approximately how many yards does it take to knit the pocket? The reason I ask is I'm only knitting from my stash, and I have 4 skeins of Cash Iroha in Olive that I am thinking of using. That would only put me at 396 yards and it says 500 yards are required for either of the two smallest sizes. The pocket can't be 100 yards, can it? (hoping?)


~zephyr gals said...

Well, the cover photo of wicked is the smallest size and was actually knit with just under 400 yds of supermerino, including the pocket... but we really should warn you that photographed top has a very short torso (for the model) if you are short bodied, as she is, then you could probably do it with 400 yds, But if you have a lovely long torso you may run short.
The pocket does not take 100 yds, not even half that!

Hope this helps!
*and all of you knit-from-your-stashers get a big pat on the back for being so good!

Robin said...

Thanks!! I'm only 5'1" with a short torso to boot, so I should be OK. Thanks again!!