Sunday, January 07, 2007

wicked recycled!!!

i've made a decision...i'm going with wicked and am using a knit one crochet two yarn call wick made from tofu waste! it is soy and polysomething and i love the idea that it is made from waste and that it is soy and that it is somewhat recycled and it's consumer friendly, what a package! i bought the yarn at webs, the color i chose is chartruese and i'm undecided if i will make long or short sleeves but i plan on making a wicked cool summer top to go with the wicked cool camo pants i bought on the clearance rack for $7.00 after the holiday! now i'm off to buy the pattern so i can start this one! happy new years


Cheryl said...

I couldn't quite figure out where the yarn was...thought the pants were being recycled. :) Cool pants what color is the yarn you will use?

Cheryl said...

Didn't notice you had posted the color...that should look awesome