Friday, January 12, 2007

My hands hurt

I'm new to the KAL (and a KAL virgin to boot) and have bravely (insanely, given my schedule) decided to try to knit both sweaters. My yarn is on order for Wicked, but I had the hemp in my stash for Eiffel. I have the hemp because I thought I was going to make a pillow on size 2 needles (really, what was I thinking?) but gave up quickly because the hemp was so difficult to work with. When I saw Eiffel, I thought -- OK, if I use a size 6 needle, it must make a world of difference. But, it hasn't. My tension is all wonky and I'm already considering giving up again and just waiting for my Wicked yarn. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for working with hemp? I have washed it, soaked it in fabric softener laced water, and beat it against my shower walls, but it is still driving me crazy.


Robin said...

Try addi turbos or other metal needles if you haven't already and maybe loosen up a little on your tension (although that may mess up your gauge.)

I found that when I started this project my hands were hurting a little and the yarn kept knotting up off the skein, but after I unrolled more yarn than normal off the skein and held the needles in a looser grip I was fine. The yarn seems to "give" more as you work through the skein, at least it was that way for me.

chrispy said...

I know that when I knit with it for a previous project that I could only knit for short periods but that it did get easier and that the item looks wonky till you block it. As long as your gauge averages out to be correct then you are good.