Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dropping Out....again

I hate to do it, the first KAL of a free pattern where I had the yarn for the KAL and was all ready to start, but I need to drop out. I realy don't want to, I realy realy realy don't!

We were hit the first night of the bad ice storms,1-12-07, and our power, phone, and cable tv lines were all downed. We stayed at my parents home untill just last, and that was good as a few hours after we left the towers carrying powers lines bringing power into the entire town were downed and even the local shelters were evacuated in the 13 f cold! During our time away I did make two trips back here to get some clothes, some sock yarn (couldn't locate bag with Eiffel yarn in the dark and bitterly cold house by candle light, although I gave it my best shot!), and medicines that we needed; the second trip was to get cigarettes, extra blankets, and our pillows.
{I am amazed, in the warmth of heating and light, at just what a mess I had made in the bitterly cold and dark scroundging around looking for stuff, more than I thought...hmmm}

Anyway I have massive housecleaning caused by the chaos, which lies on top of the clutter which had to wait while we were away. I HAVE to clean for my sanity and am taking this oppertunity to depackrat quite a bit as I do. I will still do Eiffel by May in bright fuchia color 100% dk weight yarn that was a gift, as that's when I'll be seeing dil to give the sweater to her.
I am slowly, drunken snail pace slowly, updating my blog with ice storm story. What knitting I am doing is smaller projects that can more easily be picked up and sat down quickly, easily worked without too much brain yet aren't boring...yup hats right now.

Greatful for a loving and giving family nearby. Greatful we are healthy and alive. Daggum happy to home in my place with my bed and my own things around me. And I am greatful to finally be able to get back to my friends!


Knitters Delight said...

I'm sorry to hear how things have been and wish you all the best as you pick up the pieces. SKC will be here whenever you're ready to start back up!

Take Care,


jarubaknits said...

Don't despair! Many SKC finish their KAL's way after the deadline. Just pick it back up when you can. I can only imagine how bad things were with no power. We had it bad here in Texas too, but nothing like your situation. My husband had a terrible accident on icy roads and somehow escaped with only a sore chest and bruise.
The SKC members are always glad to see finished projects even after the deadline, so keep on knitting.