Thursday, April 27, 2006

Getting There!

I have to tell you this is my very first KAL & WOW I am truly impressed by all the talented women that are out there. I have learned so much from your blogs & posts. I am not as far along as some people with this project but in a way I am glad, I got to learn from other peoples projects & Wendy's updates. (Wendy, a special thanks to you for dealing with all of our questions, emails & comments, you have been very gracious!) I am excited to get this done and I would like to do another, this yarn I have used has tried my patience, it has snagged & split a great deal(Linie 135 Goby 65%baumwolle/35%viscose) but I will push on & get it done, only I won't be wearing rings & will file my nails down everytime I sit to knit.
You really are a great group of exceptional women & I am happy to be a part of this group!

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Jan said...

Why file the nails down? I have long nails and always wear my wedding rings, and don't have a problem knitting.