Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Staying out of the knitalong && important link

Hi! I won't be knitting either of the selected knits now. I fell in love with the Silk Corset, and I NEED to knit it. Already swatched, but didn't get gauge with the yarn I intend to use. Now I need to make some calculations to see if I can adapt it to fit or need to get more yarn (but I'm on a yarn diet!).

About the link: International Bra Size Calculator. Because different countries have different sizing systems, and it's not so obvious what our size is according to the country of manufacture.

(I hope this link is not inappropriate. If you find it is, please comment or email me and I'll edit it out of the post).


Jan said...

I personally appreciated the link. It was so helpful, thanks.

Dr. Spaulding said...

Great link!