Friday, April 07, 2006

Tutti fruitti orangina

My yarn finally came! Here's what my busy little hands did last night, orangina. I'm using, for the first time in my knitting career, the rec'd yarn -- Rowan 4-ply cotton. The color is tutti-friutti and we'll just have to see about that. So far I love knitting it, it's my first lace, really. The stitch pattern in fun and easy, after 2 repeats I no longer needed to look at the paper. I've two concerns so far, one -- that although I purchased the right amount of yarn, I'll run out before I make it just a tad longer than the pattern calls for, and two -- that the lacework is open enough, pinkie's gonna make an appearance. Do other people wear something under this? Well, at least the colors are about the same, pinkie will blend.

I'm knitting a size small, which is a bust size of 36". I've always been about a 34" but lately I've had a bit of what I thought was heartburn but really was a too-tight bra, so now I guess I'm a 35". So I'm knitting a 36" but my guage is a bit tighter than the pattern's so it should (I hope, I hope) work out. I didn't want to cast on 9 more for the next size up because I thought that would be too big. Right now, with a CO of 112, it measures 17.5" inches, which would make it exactly 35" around. Should be perfect...right?


Dr. Spaulding said...

I love the picture. Gorgeous!

Julsey said...

is that photo color corrected at all??? it's so orange!

jacey (insubordiknit) said...


and no, not color corrected but i think it looks a bit more orange because of the bright orange/red wall and the red chair. the yarn is actually kinda peachy/salmony/orangey, you know, if you want a techincal color analysis, lol.

Glampyre said...

wear a camisole! or tank or something. I have a 'nude' (whatever that 'color' is) one on under the one in the photo.

(And...It'll be perfect!) ;)