Sunday, April 30, 2006

OT: Can I be a sexy crocheter?

For those of you interested in following up on the entry I written, I am now happy to report that my crocheted dress is now completed!

Photo & details can be found here.

PS. Let me know if it's inappropriate to mention the *C* word here.

Emy, now off to find a sexy knit project.


Yarn It said...

The dress is beautiful....where did you find that pattern?? I would love to know. I crochet as well as knit. I like to mix it up.

tekopp said...

just keep linking to thing that inspires me to get more serious with a hook.... pretty please.

knit_tgz said...

The dress is wonderful... Yes, you can be a sexy crocheter! I wish some day I am able to crochet such a wonderful dress. Do you think it is possible to tweak it so that it fits my body (small body and waist, but large hips and buttocks)?