Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Orange Orangina progress

I had originally planned to knit a Somewhat Cowl for the SKC, but three of my friends are also in the knit-along, doing Oranginas, so I thought I'd be a copycat. I'd actually had the pattern AND the yarn ready for this project since last summer, so I'm really happy that they inspired me to start.

I thought I'd enlist the help of my Odd Fellow to pose with my Orangina. I'm already eight inches in, despite usually only having enough time to complete one repeat a day. I'm on Spring Break this week, so I hope that in between papers and Easter planning, I'll finish side #1. I made a mistake fairly early in the lace pattern, and had to frog 2", so, if you'll notice, there's a lifeline there, so if I make another mistake, it won't be as devastating. I'm loving this knit--it's going really fast, and I had the lace pattern memorized by the third repeat. I love it when I can actually "read" the lace--it makes it easier to avoid mistakes.

I'm also loving all the Somewhat Cowls that you ladies have been posting--they're gorgeous, and I can't wait to start mine, right after my Orangina is done!

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Glampyre said...

Your Orangina looks beautiful so far, I'm so glad you're enjoying the pattern.