Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunshine and knitting

Many apologies for being out of contact. I've been travelling. But here's my progress so far.

The Orangina is at the ribbing stage. I have joined the 2 sides together and started the ribbing. For some strange reason, I've got an extra stitch. So I managed to lose it again. I'm getting excited about completing this.
I also started the Somewhat Cowl. (Orangina got too big to cart around!). I'm knitting this in Debbie Bliss Cathay in black. I've almost finished one ball of yarn. I really love this yarn. Very silky and soft. However, it is also a bit splitty, like the Linen Drape. Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, black yarn is so difficult to photograph! More thoughts on yarn and pattern soon.

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Deena said...

I thought that this sweater would look great in black. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished SC. Your Orangina is looking great.