Friday, April 14, 2006

Orangina Tip

Hi Ladies,

So we all know this beautiful pattern calls for working a front, and a back, and then eventually joining them to do the ribbing right? What I have done is worked bothe the front and the back simultaneously. This will speed things up for you, and I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner, it just never occured to me to NOT to knit this pattern this way. Anyway, in the future this is how you would do this. Place a row counter on the needle (even if you plan on NOT using it) Use 1 ball of yarn Cast on the amt of stitches for the front. Using another ball of yarn cast on the amt of stitches for the front. Now begin your pattern working back and forth. The row counter is there for a visual, and basically when it's at the end, it means you completed a row on BOTH pieces. When it's in the middle, you still have the same row to do on one of your pieces. This is how I usually work sleeves, and anything else that requires a front & a back that's basically the same!



Jade said...

Hi Necia,
I am doing the same too!

Amberlee said...

I was wondering about that, or about how you would do that. Is there a way to knit it in the round? It seems like there would be, but I am not sure how to do that.

Anonymous said...


I'm new. My name is Marisa. I live in NY and am excited to try knitting Orangina.

I don't know how to post, so I'm adding questions to this post.
This is my first KAL and also my first time knitting lace. I am confused a bit by the pattern. How do the shoulders get joined together?
I am practicing the lace pattern with some scrap yarn. Hopefully I will get it soon! :)
I'm not sure what to repeat. When it says to repeat, do you repeat only what's in the parenthesis, or do you repeat the whole line?
Hopefully I'll start my swatch soon with the real yarn. I am using Millefili Fine Cotton yarn in an ivory color.
Thank you!

Necia said...

Hi Marisa,

The shoulders get joined together by sewing them. The part that's to be repeated is the part between **. This pattern is based on 9 stitches, and 4 stitches for the edge. At repeat you just do the 9 stitch repeat portion, until you reach the end, of the row, and there's no longer 9 stitches left. There will either be 1 stitch or 2, that you're simply knitting.


Jeanie said...

Fabulous tip!!! So you could also use the "row counter trick" when doing two socks on two circulars as well, right? To help you remember not to knit the two socks together???

Anonymous said...

Hi Necia,
Thank you so much for the clarification!!!