Friday, April 14, 2006

Just a side-note

Did anyone else see the other knit-along on craftster for the somewhat cowl???
Look here! Wendy, if you're reading, there are a couple of questions for you to check out...

The sweaters look lovely so far! I feel like I'm moving in slo-mo. Hopefully I will join in the round soon. I'm about eight inches into it. :) I'm loving the pattern! I can't wait to wear it. Happy knitting, everyone.


Wendy said...

Hey Stephie-P...just took a look and posted a few responses. thanks for the heads-up!

Looks like many of them are turning out well. I love the latest green rendition!

TheSteph said...

Wendy, you're so awesome for joining craftster just to answer questions! :) You rock, and so does your pattern! Hope you like the way mine turns out... If I ever get there!