Monday, April 10, 2006


Hey! I can post finally! Thank you Jeanie!! :)

I am doing the Orangina with Rowan 4-ply in allure? (some pinkish-color). I love it, but I started reading all the fit issues people were having and now I'm worried. It's mostly my own fault because I didn't measure my bust close enough. I'm on gauge, but I am working on the size S (36") and I'm a 33. I was (stupidly??) thinking the cotton may shrink a bit after washing (no, I didn't wash a test swatch....I know, I know.....). Anyway, I may have to frog and start over. :( I'm a good 6.5 inches in, too :(.

On the flip side, the lace pattern is going really fast for's easy to memorize and so far I haven't had to go back and redo much more than a few stitches (wine, Lost, and lace don't mix) :)


Amberlee said...

Your last line got me, and although I don't drink alcohol, I can see where Lost would mess me up as well. We don't have TV and have to wait for the DVDs, but we LOVED the first season....I couldn't knit while watching unless it was just garter or st st. LOL Beautiful job so far BTW.

Jan said...

To frog or not.........I guess that depends on the sort of fit that you are wanting. I preffer something a bit looser almost over-sized. So if it were me I wouldn't frog. If you are wanting a tight or snug fit, then frog. If you are larger busted on a smaller frame, then do the back a bit smaller than the front.

thatfarmgirl said...

It looks beautiful. I am normally a size 34, but I had to decrease by 27 stitches (3 lace repeats) and ended up casting on 76.

Glampyre said...

Either way...fitted or loose...your top is looking really pretty!