Friday, April 21, 2006

Slow... Slow... Slow

HI everyone! I am getting so jealous at all those great SC's and Orangina's. I was knitting some small things for Easter baskets and i had a few off days that i wasted searching the internet for a cute sweater for my best friend who is having a baby boy-still not happy with what i have found i want something really special for her and him of course. So if u have any ideas i welcome them:) Anyway my Orangina has been on the back burner but i am getting faster at the lace pattern.
Yes that is only a couple inches of the front and that's all i have :(


Amberlee said...

Don't worry I feel the same way. I was new almost 1/2 way through the KAL, and I have only cast on and gotten 1 row done past that! We have been so busy with other things. Keep going though, it will look great!

mary said...

I feel the same way, like I've been working on it for weeks and only have 8 inches! Your orangina looks great. Keep goin' and good luck!

Dharmafey said...

It's great to see other Sexy Knitters still where I am in the project! I had to frog more than half of my SC because it was so gi-normous. Now I'm discouraged, but I may feel able to pick up the project again with these others also nowhere near completion!