Tuesday, October 10, 2006

sizzle done!

Here's my finished Sizzle. I like this pattern and will do it again...paying better attention to row gauge (my new mantra...row gauge row gauge row gauge). I'm happy with the V in the back, it's about an inch or a bit more higher than the front, which is also a bit higher than the pattern first calls for...none of my bras have a deep enough notch for me to wear such a plunging neckline! Overall it's a bit short on me, but ok for summer shirt, it just hits my hip bones. Glad I added 1/2 inch to bottom edging and an extra few rows between decreases and increases. If I'd been on top of things, I'd've added another inch or so there. I think my finished length is 21 inches. Which would be ok for most people, but I'm long in the waist. Row gauge row gauge row gauge! I did it mostly in discontinued Linet from Berocco. I tried it on several needle sizes and the fabric I liked best had a somewhat tighter gauge than Sizzle calls for (I think I was getting 5.5?) so I made the next size up. Results of that choice are good and it fits well. I thought I wouldn't have enough yarn (this is a stashbuster for me) so I did edging in Santos DK, a mercerized cotton. I like the slight contrast. I ended up with 2 skeins of Linet that I didn't touch...maybe a matching bag? I'm under the weather, so no pic w/ it on, maybe in a few days. Wendy, one MINOR comment...did you notice that the picture of the front of your sweater is on the directions for the back and vice-versa? Made me pause a couple times, but this is certainly a user error problem!


Wendy said...


(Sometimes certain pics look better than others in certain places! And could it be the fact that your front and back look just about the same that gave you extra pause?)

Looks great!

Christine said...

LOOKS wonderful! I like the v-back thing too! Nice!