Saturday, October 21, 2006

Am I making progress?

First off, pay no attention to my spotty/streaky mirror. It seriously does not look that bad when you are standing in front of it...the camera, in addition to adding ten pounds, apparently adds dirt and grime too :P

SO I have reached the part where I joined in the round and am doing the purl ridges. I didn't switch to a larger needle because, well, I don't have one. Is it me or am I blind? I didn't see in the "materials needed" section that you need smaller, larger AND DPNs.

Anyway, I started making the small, but I lost track of the stitch count and for a while I was making the extra small, then the medium. Somehow that always happens to me. I am not a very conscientious knitter, I guess.
Oh well, it seems to fit ok...I guess. I am quite liking the soysilk...I knit in public alot and I love telling people that I am knitting with tofu!


SACKIE said...

I like it with the pale colour - fit looks fine despite your various sizes!! lol. Good luck with the rest.

LisaBe said...

it looks gorgeous on you! (and i know what you mean about the mirror thing--every once in a while i really look at mine and go, "ew!!")
i finished my skb about two weeks ago and it was HUGE on me, so i ripped it out (sniff) and am remaking it. one of the things i noticed is that there's a section where only people making the medium sizes and larger are supposed to do something and the parentheses are therefore shifted two sizes to the right. i totally didn't notice this when i made my medium last time (i'm now making a small, so it won't affect me this time). anyway, my point is that if you're making a medium or larger, which i can't imagine, because you look tiny, but if you are, maybe that's how your stitch counts went astray--i think mine did last time.
hope that made sense! :-] it looks like it's fitting beautifully, regardless!

Robin said...

looks right to me!