Monday, October 09, 2006

Better late than never!

...I think I say that way, WAY too often :)
Anyway, here is the Somewhat Cowl from oh, maybe 2 KALs ago.

This took me FOREVER to knit...I actually started it in May, but all that back and forth stockinette pushed me into the arms of other, more exciting knits. I finished the Green Gable and the Hourglass Sweater AND THEN came back to this, fully re-charged and ready to finish!

In other, more current Sexy Knitters Club news, I finally decided on a yarn for the Simple Knitted Bodice; after seeing a few other members soysilk FOs I decided to give it a try myself...on sale for $10 at kpixie! Actually only the black and white were on sale, so I chose white...which is actually cream. So far it seems like I've gotten myself into more back and forth snoozy stockinette...


Robin said...

Very nice - I like the Somewhat Cowl in brown! I've definitely got this one on my list!

TheSteph said...

I STILL haven't finished the Somewhat Cowl, either! Glad to know there's still others hanging on... :D