Thursday, October 19, 2006

SKB question

Hi all- I'm working on an SKB, and I'm wondering about the purl ridges at the bottom. Should these be knitted in the smaller needle (the directions say to change yarn, but not needles)? I'm working in a cotton/acrylic blend, so mine is as drapey as the suggested yarn, and the purl ridges are sticking out a bit right at my hips. Not good. In every other place in the pattern where you use the purl ridges, you also use smaller needles, so I thought that may be the case here. There's a (poorly lit) picture of my almost finished sweater at my blog. What has everyone else done?


Robin said...

I used the smaller needles and liked those - pics on the FO gallery and on my blog archives ( I used a wool/silk/mohair blend though and didn't switch yarns for the lace sections either - so mine was not exactly standard. I love it though and it's the best fitting sweater I've made.

Andi said...

Nothing to do with your SKB, but I was reading your blog and saw the bit about your upcoming bike ride. 10 years ago I started doing the same thing, only my first was a 130 mile two day ride through Virginia cornfields in September. I dragged my husband. He decided he likes sailing much more.
Now I am 49, and have ridden in countless MS 150s and Team in Training century rides as well as a few others thrown in just for fun. I ride with two friends I met when my kids were in elementary school.
I have two kids, now in high school, and this is what has kept me sane. Keep it up! And enjoy!
And I do love your SKB. I chose to knit Sizzle, and it's just sizzling along…

Anne said...

I did not switch to smaller needles for the purl ridges on the bottom of the body or sleeves and had no trouble with it flaring out. In theory the gauge should be the same.

But if you purl more loosely than you knit, I sure could see how that would happen and switching to smaller needles would be a good idea!