Wednesday, October 11, 2006

finished my skb

the whole thing. this weekend. i was so excited. but i can't wear it! it's HUGE. i can't figure out why. my gauge was right. i did keep doing increase rows after the neckline join because the purl ridges would have fallen right across the bust instead of below--i should have realized that i needed to decrease at that point. i did get the stitch count correct before starting the chevron pattern, though, so i assumed it'd be all right. but the whole thing--collar and all--just swims on me. so i guess i just knitted a size too big. i knitted the 36-38, and i wear a 34c (so the fullest part of my bust is 37 inches). i used the recommended tilli tomas yarns, so it could be a stretching thing.
anyway, so now i'm debating between the painstaking process of ripping out the whole thing (which has all of its ends woven in and everything!) and knitting it again in a smaller size (how much smaller??) or knitting it in a cheaper yarn first to test the sizing. i'm just heartbroken to have spent $200 on yarn to make a sweater i can't wear! i knitted it in just five weeks, too, and i was so proud! :(


mona said...

You're not the only one with this problem. I had the same problem too - I had a hard time figuring out where to adjust so it was helpful to see your comments. Seems like we should stop with the increase after the neckline join. Here's to the rip.

KnitnZu said...

I'm not sure about very fitted sweaters, but generally this is what we tell customers at LYS. To get sweater size, measure across your chest above your boobs and under your armpits, with your arms down. (You're smaller w/ your arms up.) If you measure for cup size, you'd be making that the sweater that much bigger above and below the know, maybe this is an issue for those women who are like a 30EEE, but not so much for most of us. I think for fitted sweaters if you want extra space for cup size and snug everywhere else, do increases as in sizzle (not sure how skb does them), or short rows.

KnitnZu said...

Hey! And speedy knitting over the weekend!

LisaBe said...

thanks, y'all. it's been a pain to rip--for some reason, some rows just unravel whoosh, and other rows i have to unthread stitch by stitch, pulling the yarn through each stitch. it's really maddening. and occasionally i run into a tangle i can't undo :( and i finally give up after an hour of working it and have to cut the yarn. very frustrating.
anyway, glad to hear the fitting business isn't just me--thanks for the advice, knitnzu! i'm going to try that when i knit the next one :)