Monday, October 23, 2006

Smokin' Sizzle

Well, finished at last! I'm very happy with Sizzle. It's a straightforward pattern and very enjoyable to knit. I loved using Olympus Silk Bijou. It has a crunchy feel as I think others have mentioned before. I used the dark blue (kind of Airforce Blue) color. The changes I made: Started neckline at same time as armholes; used US5 circ for neckband and US6 16" circ for armbands. I would definitely make this again. It's a perfect tank that goes with everything. Thank you, Wendy of Knit and Tonic for creating the pattern. If you're interested, you can read more about my knitting at Tukats.


Penny said...

It looks fabulous! I love the color and the fit is perfect for you. I just read some of your blog - happy belated birthday!

KnitnZu said...

Hey Happy Birthday! You are SMOKIN' in that sizzle!!!