Friday, April 20, 2007

Sahara nearly there

I was determined to get Sahara finished by last weekend but didn't quite make it as I have explained in my blog however I do think she's looking lovely and really enjoyed the ease of the pattern. I also found the error in the pattern when joining into the round, but just went the other way and it works just fine.

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I am going for the sleeveless version so just have the edgings to do. I cast off the bottom edging with a 5mm needle to give the garment enough give to hang right on the hips

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I used Louisa Harding 'Grace' yarn, which is a silk and wool mix. I love the colour and the feel of the yarn, but it does have a tendancy to split and pill so I'm not sure about its longevity, will have to be really gentle with the washing process. Am going to move on to our second project now. As yet am undecided about yarn, love some of the yarns people are using but can't get them in the UK. Its not fair.

Anyway, if you want to see more photos of Sahara's progress please look at my blog where I've posted lots of pics.

for now
Ruby x


Elledub said...

Your Sahara looks beautiful, and such a nice color. I am curious about "the error in the pattern when joining into the round". I am almost there, and not too experienced. Now I am apprehensive about the join! Glad to find your blog, too.

Kelly said...

Your sahara it beautiful, now I really can't wait to finish mine.

Missamite said...

Wow! I've been working on Rusted Root. After seing your FO I think I am going to have to make it too. It looks great!

Lisa said...

Yes "Ruby", please share the "error" taht you found and the workaround. I was finishing up a baby blanket for my neice (ready to pop any moment) so I am almost at the join and would love to get the skinny before I get into deep.

Twitchy Knitter said...

Ruby, it's beautiful! And it looks like we chose just about the same color. Now I have a clear picture of what mine will look like when it's done. I need to pick up my pace!

Yarn It said...

It is gorgeous! Beautiful color and perfect knitting. congrats!