Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Dee said...

Oh!! What a precious little baby! Is he yours? He must be brand new. Congratulations to you (and/or the mom if you are not her). :)

Anonymous said...

And you knit...when? What else is there to do but just sit & look at that perfect little face all day? Congrats!

Marlene said...

Oh my goodness. I had no idea that my little experiment with a "Photobucket" feature had posted the photos ANYwhere. *blush* I was no where near the sexy Knitters Club when I made it. Strange! I was attempting to create the photo display for my granddaughter's new blog (managed by her mommy and myself). Sorry about the mistake!

If you would like to see more cute baby pictures, go to Kaylen's blog at:

which we are keeping updated for friends and relatives.

She's my first granddaughter so doesn't take up as much of my knitting time as you were thinking.

Now this has made me very curious. I wonder why it posted to THIS blog when it wouldn't post to the one I was actually working with at the time?!