Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're BAAAACK.....

Well, it took (what Vince from Blogger calls) "some surgical work" to get things up and running again but it looks like Vince's surgery was a success! Thanks to Vince, Eric, and all the other folks at Blogger/Google who helped recreate a blog that would work with over 800 members.

So there are a few things that will be a little different but it shouldn't be SO different that we can't adjust. First, you will still need to email me to request to be a member of the SKC (whether you choose to post or not). I will then send you an email confirmation letting you know that you are eligible to request an invitation to post to the SKC for the duration of that knit along. If you would like to post to the SKC for the duration of the current knit along, you will need to email me a second time, letting me know that you would like an invitation to be able to post. Once you've accepted your invitation to post, you may post as often as you'd like to until the next knit along starts. Once the next knit along starts, you'll have to request an invitation to post for the duration of that knit along, and so on and so on... This does require a little more work for those who would like to post for each and every knit along, but it is the only way we're able to keep the blog running efficiently. Current members will need to request an invitation to post even if you've been able to post prior to now.

For those who are requesting new membership to the SKC, please put MEMBERSHIP REQUEST into the subject line of your email, and include your email address and the name of your blog (if you have one) in the body of the email. Instructions on how to post will be included in your email confirmation to your membership request. As always, please allow several days for me to get back to membership requests.

For those of you who have requested to be members of the SKC within the past few weeks, I've still got your requests in my inbox and will reply to those as soon as possible.

I hope this answers everybody's questions, but please feel free to post any questions in the comments section to this post.

Thank you all so much for your patience and support during this transition!

ETA: Previous SKC members do not need to request a new membership invitation! If however, you were a member of the SKC before and would like to be able to post to the Sahara/Rusted Root knit along, please send a POSTING REQUEST to with POSTING REQUEST in the subject line of the email. Thanks!


Shannon said...

Hi Jeanie, okay, I don't want to sound a little slow or anything, but do current members need to be re-invited to be members to start things off again? Or do we just have to request an invite for the current KAL. Sorry, it's been a long day and I'm feeling a little dense!!! Thanks!

Jeanie said...

Hi Shannon -- You are NOT being dense and I fully expected a lot of questions since I still have a little Demerol in my bloodstream (had a little trip to the ER yesterday and got some good stuff through an IV drip) and figured I might not be explaining things as well as I normally would.

Basically, once a member, always a member so there is no need to request to be a member again if you have already requested one (and accepted it) in the past. BUT. If you want to POST, you will need to send a POSTING REQUEST in order to do so for the duration of the current knit along. Hope this makes sense!

Estellika said...

Yay Jeanie! Thank you for doing all that you have for us! Big-time kudos to you :)

Lilli said...

I would love to join your blog but the link to the email is not "linking"