Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let's Vote!

Hey Sexy Knitters! Here is the poll for the next knit along! A big thanks to Maryanne for compiling our top 20 nominations for us. Please refer to her list (in the post right below this one) for links to each pattern if you've forgotten what any nomination looks like. Remember, you must be a member to vote. If you're not yet a member, please email MaryAnne to request a membership invitation. Posting privileges are not necessary in order to vote.

Voting will last until Wednesday at midnight so get the word out to all your SKC member friends to get on over here and vote! Have fun!

Edited To Add: Okay, I see now that I inadvertently added two Josephine Tops and omitted the Lillian Top. I'm so sorry! The good news is that since the Josephine Top listed first had zero votes so I went ahead and renamed it Lillian (although when you "view" the votes, it still shows as Josephine). So those of you who want to vote for Lillian, please go ahead and vote!

This Just In! We received an email from Kristeen from French Girl Knits who has let us know that should Fifi win as our next knit along pattern, she will make the Fifi pattern (including pattern corrections) available as a pdf download especially for the Sexy Knitters Club!!! How cool is that? The downloadable version of the pattern will be available in about a week or so and we'll be sure to let you know when it's ready. The pattern cost will be $5.00 for SKC members, and those who have already purchased the pattern will be able to receive the pdf download at no additional charge. Kristeen also let us know that Fifi is easily lengthened for those of us who had some concerns about the top being a little short. Hooray for top down sweaters! And thanks to Kristeen for her willingness to help out the SKC members!

Choose Your Favorite!
Lacy Little Top
One Skein Wonder
Deep V Argyle Vest
Lillian (aka Josephine Top #1)
Fitted Tank
Krista Tee
Turkish Lace Cami
Myrna Sweater
Scarlet Woman Sleeveless Tank
Corset Top Pullover
Josephine Top
Nicole Vest


Mallory said...

Wait! Where's Lillian? It's not on there...! (it was previously announced it would be in the voting round, correct?)

Anonymous said...

Yup. Josephine appears twice, and Lillian isn't appearing. Wah. That's my favorite one.

LisaBe said...

y'all know that fifi isn't a downloadable pattern, right? you have to buy it from a retailer. it's cute, but...that's kind of a pain, no?

LisaBe said...

i put this list together with sizes and yarn recs (in case people want to knit from stash!):
fifi: purchase from retailer; specs not on web site
lillian: free on designer's blog; for bust sizes 32-46"; recommended yarn is tlc cotton plus
nicole: downloadable for $6; for bust sizes 32.25-42"
one-skein wonder: downloadable for $5; for shoulder-to-shoulder measurements 13-20"
fitted tank: $4; for bust sizes 31-43.5"; recommended yarn is blue sky alpacas dyed or organic cotton
lacy little top: $5; for bust sizes 30-44"; recommended yarn is allhemp3
soleil: free at knitty; for bust sizes 33-45"; recommended yarn is elann endless summer collection sonata
zinzin: free at knitty; for bust sizes 30-54"; recommended yarn alchemy silken straw
coachella: free at knitty; for bust sizes 25-45"; recommended yarn berroco suede
corset pullover: free from interweave; for bust sizes 33.75-46.75"; recommended yarn filatura di crosa elena or st. charles collezione victoria
tulip: downloadable for $5; for bust sizes 32-40"; recommended yarn katia jamaica
myrna: $7.50; for bust sizes 35-44"
scarlet woman sleeveless tank: downloadable for $5.50; for bust sizes 32-54"; recommended yarn classic elite provence or elann sonata
badia: free at berroco; for bust sizes 33-47"; recommended yarn berroco bonsai
deep v argyle vest: downloadable for $5.25; for bust sizes 32-42"
josephine top: in interweave summer 2007; specs not available; recommended yarn karabella vintage cotton
turkish lace camisole: downloadable for $5; for bust sizes 32-48"
sasha: $7.50; specs not available
krista tee: $7.50; for bust sizes 33-56"
isabella: free at knitty; for bust sizes 33.5-50"; recommended yarn rowan 4-ply cotton

Serena said...

The site doesn't seem to want to take my vote... is anyone else having this problem - or is it just me?

Lisa said...

Thanks for the info lisabe!

I'ld just like to add that the fitted tank is available as a whole kit to save folks time as well and the gals at kpixie will let us sub out the poppy for any color offered.....

I miss the Lilian as well.....

Marji said...

It doesn't look like there is a lot of interest here for Sasha, but since I just bought the pattern last week I thought I would help complete the list here for specs:
since it is a skirt, the measurement is for the hip sizes.
Small-38, Med-41, Large-44
written for Louet Euroflax (sportweight)
more info can be found here

Chantel said...

Lisabe thanks for all the information. That is so helpful.

Jeanie said...

Hey gals, Lillian was added to the poll yesterday so vote away!

Also, please be sure to read the update about the Fifi pattern!

amylovie said...

My mother was the person that test knit Fifi for the designer. She said that it was an awesome pattern and very figure flattering (for all figures). The pattern uses Rowan Calmer, which is one of my all time fav yarns.


Knittymuggins said...

Wow Lisabe! Thanks so much for putting all that together! And thanks to Lisa and Marji too for their info :)

Kozy Kitty said...

I'm really hoping we'll make it a double KAL. I enjoyed seeing both Sahara and Rusted Root side by side and I enjoyed pushing myself to finish both! I would love the same thing with the next KAL!

Jeanie said...

Hi Kozy! Usually if we have a very close vote, we'll go ahead and include both patterns for the knit along, however (so far) I'm not seeing a close second to use as our second pattern. In fact, as I type this, there are TWO patterns in second place (with 11% of the votes) so we'd actually end up having to include three patterns for the knit along. Of course, as a member of the SKC, you're always welcome to knit any pattern you like on your own and post a pic of the finished product on our site for our other members to see!

Jeanie said...

Lisabe -- THANK YOU!!!!!

Susan said...

Rowan Calmer is too expensive for my budget. Does anyone know sub yarns to use for Fifi? It's the obvious front runner at this point.


Jeanie said...

I've requested that Kristeen from French Girl Knits suggest some alternate yarn options, should Fifi win, which it appears that it will. I'm sure she is just waiting for the voting to end before she does so, but in the meantime... I've substituted TLC Cotton Plus for Calmer before (for my NBAT) with good results. An idea might be for you to see if you can find the old NBAT knit along (from a year or two ago) and see what yarns people used as subs for the Calmer that was called for in that pattern as well.... OH, and Tempting II also called for Calmer, so you could check that out too.

Kozy Kitty said...

Check the Webs website at Search yarn by weight--worsted. I saw some gorgeous cotton/ polyester yarn with a similar construction to Calmer. It had a lot more colors and nicer ones. I can't remember what it was off the top of my head, but it was by a major manufacturer and it retailed for around $6 -7 a skein. Webs offers a 20% discount once you hit $60.

I think Berroco Touche or Classic Elite Premier would be good subs as well. Knit Picks Shine Worsted is alot like Premier so that would probably work too. You may also try a worsted weight bamboo. Plymouth makes a nice one. It should be pretty easy to find a worted weight cotton blend.

Cyn said...

I have the Fifi pattern already, and it says that if you're substituting yarns, to use one with elasticity.

I got some dirt cheap discontinued Calmer from Cucumberpatch, but they only have one colour. If you like peach (I do), you're in luck!

Kozy Kitty said...

The yarn I saw on Webs was called Cilantro by Nashua. It seemed very similar to Calmer both in fiber content and construction.

Susan said...

Everything I've read about Rowan Calmer so far has suggested it's completly unique with its elasticity. I'll start looking at your sub suggestions and hope that Kristeen will give some suggestions after it winds.

Keeping my fingers crossed...


Lisa said...

I'm counting on all ya'll to locate the best substitute.

My only other suggestions is really from the old school, and that is to use the cotton with the correct gauge and getelastic thread the same color (or close) and knit them together. It creates the same "memory" effect.

Keep those alternatives coming!

mary_me_a_little said...

I took a deep breath and purchased 5 skeins of Calmer to make Fifi (I plan to make it longer to accommodate my long torso), but I'm also planning to knit a version of Fifi in Debbie Bliss' "Cathay" yarn---it seems to have a bit of stretch, but if not, I'll just make it in a larger size since I got a few bags of it at Webs tent sale--Pretty stuff!

Knittymuggins said...

This isn't much of a price break, but I did see some vendors on eBay selling Calmer for $9 a skein and lots of colors available. So, a few dollars cheaper may make it feasible for some of us :) Just thought I'd let you know....

KnitsAtTrafficLights said...

I found Calmer on sale for 8.35 a skein. The colors are limited but perhaps this is an opportunity for some to get the suggested yarn. HTH

Kozy Kitty said...

I found another possible substitution yarn. I was in my LYS today and found something called Wick by Knit One Crochet Two. It is 50/50 soy silk and polypropylene which is the stuff they make athletic wear out of . It feels almost exactly like Calmer and it stretches. It is worsted weight and should be very comfortable. I bought some to make Coachella. It's worth checking out! It was $7 a skein!